Venture Growth America launch…

Venture Growth America (VGA)

a new leadership platform focused on growth & opportunity nationwide…

Calling All Leaders…

A Unique Opportunity to Lead & Serve

Your Community, City, State as Part of a New National Venture Growth Initiative

The Best of America

Investing in the Next Generation of the Nation

National Leadership Platform focused on…

> Growth & Opportunity

> Entrepreneurship & Problem Solving

> Innovation & Investment

> Empathy & Civics

> Inclusion

We’re looking for your support & involvement…

For 240+ Years we’ve been a country of growth & opportunity, venture & adventure….

The last 50 years we have seen amazing advances in technology, science, connectivity, communication and an overall quality of life (Moon to Musk and all the innovations in between)

….the next 50 years will be exponentially more dynamic and disruptive.

We have a strong need for long term strategic thinking, empathetic leadership, and courage nationwide.

We are building a National Leadership platform focused on growth & opportunity, venture & adventure, innovation & investment, entrepreneurship & problem solving, empathy & civics…we’d like your help.

Our team has a background in venture capital, startups, service in our armed forces…across several states and regions nationwide and we have led innovation and venture efforts at some of the most admired companies in America (Disney, etc.).

We want to complement our team with the best of the best across the country.

We are looking for leaders, aspiring leaders, volunteers at this point…we will be building out a more formal org over time with your input and participation.

You have a strong desire to lead, mentor, and serve others…

You love entrepreneurship & problem solving…new ventures & adventures…

You love working with people and helping companies succeed…

You love networking and making connections that lead to ongoing conversations.

You have a genuine interest in helping startups succeed & grow; you have an interest in helping people develop skills and secure not just high growth jobs but establish high growth careers; and you have an interest in helping your city & state innovate and grow over the next decade.

You are curious & creative, courageous & humble, determined & resilient and you operate well in uncertain, ambiguous, dynamic environments.

You have empathy and drive and an optimistic view of the future of America.

You believe America’s best days are ahead of it and you want to help improve, uplift and inspire others…innovate, ideate and invest in a better world.

You want to be part of a highly motivated team of teams, distributed and coordinated across the country, working together to rise above the rancor and noise to help lead America forward…

Inspirational America <> Optimistic America <> Hopeful America

Net-net you have ‘the right stuff’, can think on your feet, make friends and influence people.

You are a self-starter.

In addition…

You can spot promising new opportunities, mission focused founders, purpose driven leaders, tenacious talented teams building something unique and interesting. You can make connections and establish partnerships in your local area that support innovation, growth & opportunity.

You have a good read on the innovation ecosystem efforts currently underway in your area and can work collaboratively with those groups in an accretive manner to help your community.

Identify and Invest in the Most Promising Companies/Opportunities in Your Area

Help People Establish and Build High Growth Careers

Lead and Coordinate High Growth Community Programs and Partnerships

High Growth Companies <> High Growth Careers <> High Growth Communities

We have a national sourcing platform for seed deals in place…we have a core set of partnership programs for you to leverage in your local metro area; and a set of game plans, playbooks and checklists to successfully support growth & opportunity in your city.

We are building a venture studio that will launch programs focused on our growth & opportunity mission that you can leverage in your area.

We have a priority focus on supporting leadership, innovation, lifelong learning, and wellness (health & wellness, wealth & wellness) initiatives across the country. Your leadership role will help support programs that drive growth, opportunity & inclusion across these focus areas.

We’ll help mentor and support you…you’ll be part of our VGA Leadership Network.

Please reach out if you have interest in helping or supporting in some way. We want coverage in all 50 states…the top 300+ metro areas, America’s best small towns, colleges & universities…your chance to lead and participate in a platform focused on the future of America.

Please send a note to and let us know your background, the city / state you’d like to help represent and any detail about your interest in helping.

More soon…feel free to share with someone you think may have interest.

One Country — Same Team — Shared Goals

The Best of America


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Venture Growth America (VGA)

A Distributed Networked Leadership Platform…

…with Local, Regional and National Teams

50 State Network <> 384 Metro Areas <> 20 Emerging Growth Regions

8000 GrowZones <> 1000 Hip Cities

Top 200 Colleges <> The Fortune 1000

Top 200 Private Companies <> Top 100 Service Providers

The Forbes 400 <> Top 50 Moonshots

America’s Top 50 Most Admired Companies

Community College Programs Nationwide

We are building out our Leadership & Teamwork Platform first and then plan to weave in additional platform components over time.

[Future platform plans…]

Advisory & Best Practices Platform

Innovation & Co-Creation Platform

Training & Skills Platform

Media & Events Platform

Service & Support Platform

Funding & Investment Platform

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